Leasing Info

Leasing Options:

Have you or your children ever wanted to own a horse but the cost of the horse or finding the right horse has held you back? I have an option for you, I have a few horses that are available to lease out. The owner will continue to cover any grain, medical and farrier work that needs to be done on the leased horses to make sure they stay healthy in all ways. 

-A full lease for $285.00 or a shared lease of $150.00, the shared lease is with the barn owners so that the pony/horse leased can also be used by the barn owners. Both leases include the use of tack. 

-Time periods for leasing include 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and also a year. Each lease time period has the option to be renewed at the end of the period.

This is a great option for the kids to learn to ride and see if it is something they will stick with. I know of a few people the kids wanted a pony/horse and once the parents finally decide to get one the kids out grow the pony/horse or lose interest and then you’re having to go through selling the pony/horse.

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