​​​​​​​​Willow Wood Stables

Our Story

     Hello, Welcome to Willow Wood Stables, LLC owned and operated by The Larson Family.  My name is Pam: My love for horses started I believe at birth. If I couldn’t be riding, I had kids on my back and crawled around the floor like a horse with a shoestring in my mouth as the reins. I was fortunate to grow up with horses, in high school I did some showing, and driving horse and buggy. When I graduated high school I could not afford to keep my horse having to pay for college, rent etc.. so I sold my beloved horse. For years I regretted that decision, and yearned to have a horse again in my life. My husband and I purchased the stables in August of 2013 and my kids got the opportunity to learn how to care for horses, and get to learn to ride. 

       The stables now also has a total of 19 boarding horses, and 2 of our own horses.  We have to say it is the most beautiful sight to see all the horses come running in from the pastures when called. Our boarding horses are loved and cared for as if they were my own horses.